Treat Your Taste Buds to the Best Restaurants in The Colony

Treat Your Taste Buds to the Best Restaurants in The Colony

It’s Halloween season, Colony Crossing, and it’s time to treat your taste buds to the best restaurants in The Colony. For more on how you can have spooktacular experiences this Halloween at The Colony Crossing Shopping Center, keep reading for the best restaurants in The Colony: 

Celebrating National Pizza Month with Tony’s

Yes, fall is the perfect time to enjoy nights out and delicious meals with the entire family, but it’s also an excuse to celebrate National Pizza Month this season. Take your family out to Tony’s Pizza & Pasta this season and celebrate love at first bite with special toppings and dinner plates of your choice. Now, you can add some sauce to your family-friendly events while dipping into fall foods, holiday seasons, football game days and more.

Dive Into Plenty of Plates with Ocha Thai & Asian Fusion

October is the one time to break out and be spooktacular for the season. Whether you’re looking for fall drinks, fall desserts or fall flavors & specials, Ocha Thai & Asian Fusion at The Colony Crossing has whatever you need this season. From Krapow and Veggie Delight to Red and Panang Curry, add some spice to your favorite and best restaurants in The Colony. 

Bite Into Your Favorite Sandwich This Month with Subway

Are you into the spirit of holiday seasons this year? If you’re in the mood to celebrate October, then Subway at The Colony Crossing is just the place for you and your family. Take a bite into your favorite sub this season and mix it with the fang-tastic taste of new Caramel Apple Cookies for the rest of the season.  

Even if you don’t dress up this season, Halloween can still be fun if you treat your taste buds to the best restaurants in The Colony. For more on how you can get ready for Halloween season with The Colony at Colony Crossing, check out our blogs and directory pages!

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Summer Vacation in The Colony at The Colony Crossing

Summer Vacation in The Colony at The Colony Crossing

It’s finally summer. Now all you need is a vacation. Whether it’s Italian food or getting the perfect tan, spend your summer vacation in The Colony at The Colony Crossing. Here’s more on what The Colony has to offer you this summer:

A Summer Vacation of Pizza & Pasta

If you love Italian food and a good restaurant experience, try Tony’s Pizza & Pasta in The Colony. Enjoy Tony’s Specialties and New York style pizza & subs made with a touch of care and cooked to perfection. Stop in for a quick lunch, dine in or pick your favorite glass of wine for happy hour.

A Spa Kind of Summer

Are you still looking for a place to tan without having to take in the heat of the sun all day? Check out Tan Factory & Spa at Colony Crossing. Pick your perfect shade and enjoy unlimited tanning, spa treatments, products and more. Invite your friends so you both can be summer-tan-ready without too much of the summer heat.

A Quick Fix to Summer Hunger

If you need somewhere to find a quick fix for a growling stomach, take a look at Ocha Thai Asian Fusion. This is your go-to place to experience traditional Thai recipes combined with top-notch culinary excellence. From soups, curries and special entrees to cinnamon almond banana wraps, you can’t go wrong.

If you still don’t have any plans for summer, don’t worry. The Colony Crossing in The Colony has everything you need for a good, relaxing time. For more on what to do with your summer vacation in The Colony, check out our directory page!

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